​​Coheelee Labradors

How We Came Up With the Name Coheelee Labradors

After we decided to start breeding Labradors we had to come up with a name. We now live near Atlanta, Georgia, but both my husband and I grew up in southwest Georgia. When our boys were little we lived in my husband's home town of Blakely, Georgia.  Its a big hunting and farming area. The boys (and even our daughter who never lived there) still think of Blakely as their hometown. We wanted to come up with a name that would represent "home" to us, no matter where we lived now or in the future.  There is a place outside of Blakely called Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge. It was constructed in 1891 and is the southernmost covered bridge in the United States.  It's a place we always enjoy visiting. We decided Coheelee Labradors was a good name to always remind us of home and where we grew up.

We purchased our first black lab around 1998. He had been with a field trial trainer from Canada who was spending the winter down in south Alabama training. He was our first "Cowboy". He had been doing very well in the field trial circuit. After having his hips tested at two the results came back with mild dysplasia. The owner sold him to us as a hunting dog since he didn't need the stress of field trials. After watching the field trial training and going to a National trial we were hooked. We bought a couple of puppies and when they were several months old we took them to Canada for training.  It wasn't long before winter rolled back around and they were training back in Alabama near us.  As life has a tendency to do, it changed.  My husband took a job out of state and we thought it was best to sell our pups. We kept Cowboy and he was one of the best dogs we ever had. Unfortunately after awhile he went over the Rainbow Bridge.


We stuck with small dogs for several years while moving around with my husband's job.  After losing our small 15 year old dog we decided it was time to get another lab.  We bought Maggie just after Christmas in 2012. She is a beautiful cream color. After having her about a month we thought she needed a playmate. While looking online we saw "foxred" labs for the first time. We had never seen such a beautiful dark red colored lab. We had to have one. We searched around the southeast where we live and didn't find any. We found one online and flew to Washington state to get her.

When the girls were about 7 months old I saw an article in AKC Magazine about a dog trainer near us. I called him and learned he does hunt tests instead of field trials. We took the pups to him and decided Ruby would be a good prospect for training. We really enjoy hunt tests and watching the dogs do what they have to do in a normal hunting situation. My husband and sons really love any kind of bird hunting and to have a dog to retrieve the birds is awesome.  The kids had always been the "bird dog", now we have actual trained retrievers to do the job.

We have always loved labs and wanted to bred them. We had finally arrived at a place in our lives where we had the time and the space for it. We purchased Ranger, a foxred male, from Wisconsin and then Cowboy, a black male, from Georgia.  Our other girls are Ella, Sydney, Jesse, Nina, and Kate. We are continually  improving our pedigrees so that we will have some of the best labs around. Our labs with strong retrieving and hunting drive will run hunt tests and hopefully get titled themselves.

During the summer of 2018 we moved from our farm in Sharpsburg to a larger farm in Calhoun, GA.  Our dogs have a much nicer barn with almost 30 acres to play. All of our pups are born in our home and are loved on and well socialized from birth.  We have a birthing area and play areas set up in our basement for them.  Once they are a few weeks old they also get outside play time and continue their socialization with us, our other dogs, and some of the farm animals. They get lots of love and cuddles from us and our friends.

All of our labs will have their health tests. Their puppies will come with a 26 month health guarantee for EIC, CNM, DM, PRA, and hip and elbow dysplasia and pre-regisitered with AKC.